Andrea del Rosario is Back

After a long hiatus from showbiz, Andrea del Rosario is once again acting in front of the camera. This happened when Andrea del Rosario came back to the Philippines together with her baby daughter for a vacation. Although he main purpose in going to the Philippines was a vacation, the call of the limelight was not resisted by Andrea and she was seen doing some acting once again.

The show was a at the Star Confession of TV5 where Andrea del Rosario had a supporting role. Since Andrea and her kid had only a month for the vacation, her scenes were shoot in a haste and the director and the crew were so happy that Andrea did her role well.

Andrea del Rosario went back to the US after her vacation in the Philippines but she is not yet so sure if she will be back in showbiz for good or she will just stay in the US with her family.

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