ITCSales Sells Over 500,000 Units

ITCSales United Kingdom makes another significant milestone as it sold over 500,000 computer units for the year 2009. It is the only computer dealer in the UK to achieve such feat.

Since its establishment, ITCSales has always aimed to satisfy its customers' diverse needs. Guided by the pillars of the continuous improvement and respect for people, ITCSales has earned its place on top of the market. It is proud to reveal that is has been the leader in laptop and desktop categories and in overall sales.

According to ITCSales executives, its the customer satisfaction that what makes the company a well respected one, and that respect has been converted into sales.

Wealth Education with Brooks Wealth

In every thing that we do, it all starts with education. We learn every little thing through education- be it formal or informal. It is the process of learning through experience or through the guidance of an expert in a certain field.

Taking for instance when you want to create wealth for yourself. The very first thing you need to acquire must be wealth education. This process will equip you with the things you need to know how are you going to run a business and how are you going to prepare yourself in the business world.

Going to the business battle without acquiring wealth education first is like going to battle without weapons and armors and with that, you will surely be defeated. Brooks Wealth can equip you with such thing and guide you all throughout your wealth quest.

Your Wealth Management Guide

When you are looking for resources about self wealth management, then this YouTube video is the one you are looking for. This video details everything that you need to manage you own personal wealth. Further, it links to a blog that features everything you need to know about wealth. Not just wealth management but also wealth education, wealth creation and wealth acceleration.

Here is the video from YouTube:

With this video, you can create your own wealth management style.

KC Concepcion Hosts 'The Buzz'

KC Concepcion has joined the respected tandem of Kris Aquino and Boy Abunda in "The Buzz" . This developed after the third host, actress Ruffa Gutierrez, has transferred to TV5 last month.

When Ruffa announced her departure, there were many speculations as to who will replace her in the show. A lot of names surfaced and one of the names that came out was that of Vice Ganda. But all rumors died down when The Buzz hosted a birthday party for KC Concepcion and suddenlly announced that she will be replacing Ruffa in the show.

KC is so thankful about theses developments because according to her, she always watched the show and sometimes imagines herself hosting it. Now, it is a dream come true for her and thanked all people responsible for this new chapter of her career.

Wealth Creation Video

I was looking for some resources about wealth creation and I stumbled upon this video in YouTube. It is a very simple video that connects to a blog about wealth creation. I followed the link and I found a lot of information about how to start my wealth creation quest.

Below is the video:

Cool wealth creation stuff....

Wealth Creation Quest

The year 2009 started with so much uncertainty. At that time, the economic crisis brought about by the financial meltdown as still raging. The year ended with indications that the economy is on the mend.

It was a slow recovery but that is already a good news and should spur us to take advantage of business opportunities. The wait and see stance many of us correctly took as the crisis deepened is at this stage, already counter productive.

It is well at this point to reflect on what makes wealth creation resilient. At the risk of sounding repetitious, we reiterate the position that wealth creation quest keeps on growing because of trust. People so trust wealth that they made it their bank. They invited their neighbors, relatives friends and business associates to join their bandwagon in their wealth quest.