Diana Zubiri - Most Beautiful Filipina Actress

One of the filipina actresses I admire when it comes to beauty is Diana Zubiri. If you are going to compare her beauty to other celebrities out there, she really stand among the rest. Her face is so Filipina and yes, a beautiful Filipina.

Who would not fantasize this Filipina beauty who is giving it all in her movies? Diana became a sex symbol in the Philippines with her bold movies that were all certified box office hits. She also reigned in FHM where she even helped the magazine to publicity when she agreed to take a sexy photo shoot in a flyover.

Now, Diana Zubiri is inactive in movies and is rumored to be pregnant. Nevertheless, this doesn't ceased her to be the most beautiful among Filipina actresses of today.

Kris Aquino Missed Cebu Activity Due to Marital Problem

Filipina actress Kris Aquino was not able to arrive in her scheduled visit to Cebu early this week due to reported marital problem - again. This was revealed by Boy Abunda during the activity when asked why Kris was not able to make it.

Back in Manila, James Yap, Kris husband, was cornered by newsmen in a gathering and asked him about the controversy. But to their dismay, James was not able to give any statement and just remained silent.

This brings more speculations that they are having a real problem and as Boy said, this is the most serious of all the quarrels of the couple. As of this writing, James broke his silence but just said that he is leaving the statement from Kris Aquino to talk in behalf of their family.

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