Andrea del Rosario is Back

After a long hiatus from showbiz, Andrea del Rosario is once again acting in front of the camera. This happened when Andrea del Rosario came back to the Philippines together with her baby daughter for a vacation. Although he main purpose in going to the Philippines was a vacation, the call of the limelight was not resisted by Andrea and she was seen doing some acting once again.

The show was a at the Star Confession of TV5 where Andrea del Rosario had a supporting role. Since Andrea and her kid had only a month for the vacation, her scenes were shoot in a haste and the director and the crew were so happy that Andrea did her role well.

Andrea del Rosario went back to the US after her vacation in the Philippines but she is not yet so sure if she will be back in showbiz for good or she will just stay in the US with her family.

Here Comes Coco Martin

In the world of Pinoy celebrity hunks, the hottest newcomer is no other than Coco Martin. He is known as the prince of independent movies in the Philippines. This is due to the number of indie films he made and also the awards he received for his portrayals in his roles given to him in those films.

It can be noted that those awards are not only from the Philippines but also from other international film festivals as well. In fact, the first to recognize the acting prowess of Coco Martin were international critics and the award bodies here in the Philippines just followed suit.

Now, Coco Martin is in mainstream movies and also in television. He already had his starring role in "Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin" opposite Maja Salvador and this soap opera raked high numbers in the TV ratings game. So watch out for Coco Martin because he will be one of the greatest actors of all time in Philippine show business.

One Way How To Contact Justin Bieber

Okay, I am going to share you one way on how to contact Justin Bieber. I decided to post this one here since there are a lot of Justin Bieber fans who are going gaga over Justin and now wants to contact the singer and say something to their idol.

The internet provides a way on how to contact Justin Bieber. It is evident that Justin is personally updating his Twitter account so that is the best way on how to contact him. What you are going to do is to create an account in Twitter. After you have already created your own account in Twitter, the next thing you are going to do is to follow him.

Through that way, you can then follow the tweets of Justin and then send your personal message to him. Make sure that you will be sending no-nonsense messages into his account so that he can notice you and maybe reply to your message. That's the best method on how to contact Justin Bieber as far as I know.

Adrianne Palicki As Wonder Woman

Here comes a new Wonder Woman in the person of Adrianne Palicki. I am posting here a picture of Adrianne Palicki who is very hot these days. With this picture of her, i am very sure that I am going to watch the show.

Looking at her eyes, I know that Adrianne Palicki can duplicate the fate of the original Wonder Woman.

Filipino Recipes Blog

So that I can have a post for this month, I am going to feature today the Filipino Recipes blog owned by a friend of mine. This site has been maintained by her for more or less a year now and it already contains a lot of Filipino Recipes.

These recipes are easy to cook and are purely Filipino that are sourced out from different Filipino Recipes cookbooks. Even if you are a novice cook, you can easily follow the instructions of the procedures since they are rewritten so that it can be easily understood by everybody even those who are just beginning or not really cooks by themselves.

You can visit the site at and you can even make some suggestions what recipes do you want to be featured on the site next.