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Pinoy Hunk Enchong Dee

Introducing: Enchong Dee! I might be hearing a lot of claps with my introduction here. Enchong Dee has been in the show business for a very short time but it seems that everybody in the Philippines already knows him. This is due to the fact that the series he is appearing in a daily basis is topping the charts in Philippine TV.

Enchong Dee is seen everyday in the soap opera "Maria la del Barrio" (as of this writing) opposite her on-screen partner Erich Gonzales. The show is very popular that every household in the Philippies are literally watching it in a regular basis. This is the reason why Enchong is very popular nowadays.

So introducing Enchong Dee in this post is just a waste of web space. So I am not going any further in introducing him. I am going to stop here now and in my future posts, I will be divulging more about this famous Pinoy hunk.