Aubrey Miles

Another hottie featured here is hot momma Aubrey Miles. During her time, no other pinay celebrity could match her movies in the box office. Aubrey was so hot that leaves male fans perspiring even the cinemas were air conditioned. Here is a picture of Aubrey that makes her really sexy special:

That sexy body is already nurturing a child, so Aubrey Miles is really super hot!

Gwen Garci Is Hot

One of the most beautiful pinay celebrities for me is Gwen Garci. She's a real hottie that she stands out even if she is with her co-members of the sexy group Viva Hot Babes.

The picture above of Gwen Garci proves it all!

Myles Hernandez Hot Picture

Here is a super hot picture of Myles Hernandez that can surely make a man go into wild imagination. This was taken in one of her sexy on-stage performance.

Myles is one of the original members of the Viva Hot Babes and is said to be the most daring member. She's got a lot of male fans due to her daring pictorials and videos.

Myles Hernandez was once to be the Girlfriend of the Year for the magazine FHM Philippines. She also done some bold movies together with the VHB and all videos made a great sale in the Philippines and abroad.

You can visit here a fan site for Myles.

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Rica Peralejo Hot Picture

I just want to feature here the beautiful Rica Peralejo. Although she is married now, she once rocked the wild imaginations of the male audience in Philippine cinemas.

Rica Peralejo is seen here vacationing in Bohol, according to the one who posted this picture. Indeed, Rica is very beautiful and very sexy too! There's no wonder why many male fans were so crazy about her. The cinemas were all full when she was still active in doing bold films. Now, she is a full time housewife to her husband and part time TV host in ABS-CBN.

Rica Peralejo is one of the hottest Pinay Celebrities of all time and you can visit a fan site dedicated to her.

Krista Ranillo Latest?

What's the latest about Filipino actress Krista Ranillo? She was in the news when she was romantically linked to boxing pound for pound king Manny Pacquiao. The controversy was so hot that Krista was even running from the press everytime she encounters them.

The latest intrigue about them was when Krista went to the US to manage her restaurant business there. But many showbiz insiders say that it was Manny who gave her the capital for her investment in the US but her camp denied it.

Then she faced the press months later and said she has finally moved on from the controversy and she is in fact engaged to her childhood sweetheart and are already talking about their marriage. But still, many doubts Krista Ranillo's story and many still believe that they (Krista and Manny) are still seeing each other in the US. Any confirmation about this?

Race For Pinay Celebrities

A friend of mine is developing a website about Pinay Celebrities and he asked me to make a review of it. The site by the way is and this was created a year ago.

First of all, the keyword is not in the URL so this is minus point for the site. It is very important for the keyword to be in the URL since Google is going to interpret this as the keyword is the main topic or focus of the site since it is embedded in the URL.

Next is the H1 or heading of the site. The keyword again is not specified there. To give emphasis on a keyword, you must put the keyword in heading tag or the h1 tag.

Nevertheless, the site is cool overall. It contains the hottest pinay celebrities and so with their hottest pictures and the latest news. If you are looking for the photo galleries and the latest news of your favorite filipina celebrities, then visit this site.

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For more details, you can go to this site now.

Diana Zubiri - Most Beautiful Filipina Actress

One of the filipina actresses I admire when it comes to beauty is Diana Zubiri. If you are going to compare her beauty to other celebrities out there, she really stand among the rest. Her face is so Filipina and yes, a beautiful Filipina.

Who would not fantasize this Filipina beauty who is giving it all in her movies? Diana became a sex symbol in the Philippines with her bold movies that were all certified box office hits. She also reigned in FHM where she even helped the magazine to publicity when she agreed to take a sexy photo shoot in a flyover.

Now, Diana Zubiri is inactive in movies and is rumored to be pregnant. Nevertheless, this doesn't ceased her to be the most beautiful among Filipina actresses of today.

Kris Aquino Missed Cebu Activity Due to Marital Problem

Filipina actress Kris Aquino was not able to arrive in her scheduled visit to Cebu early this week due to reported marital problem - again. This was revealed by Boy Abunda during the activity when asked why Kris was not able to make it.

Back in Manila, James Yap, Kris husband, was cornered by newsmen in a gathering and asked him about the controversy. But to their dismay, James was not able to give any statement and just remained silent.

This brings more speculations that they are having a real problem and as Boy said, this is the most serious of all the quarrels of the couple. As of this writing, James broke his silence but just said that he is leaving the statement from Kris Aquino to talk in behalf of their family.

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ITCSales Sells Over 500,000 Units

ITCSales United Kingdom makes another significant milestone as it sold over 500,000 computer units for the year 2009. It is the only computer dealer in the UK to achieve such feat.

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Your Wealth Management Guide

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KC Concepcion Hosts 'The Buzz'

KC Concepcion has joined the respected tandem of Kris Aquino and Boy Abunda in "The Buzz" . This developed after the third host, actress Ruffa Gutierrez, has transferred to TV5 last month.

When Ruffa announced her departure, there were many speculations as to who will replace her in the show. A lot of names surfaced and one of the names that came out was that of Vice Ganda. But all rumors died down when The Buzz hosted a birthday party for KC Concepcion and suddenlly announced that she will be replacing Ruffa in the show.

KC is so thankful about theses developments because according to her, she always watched the show and sometimes imagines herself hosting it. Now, it is a dream come true for her and thanked all people responsible for this new chapter of her career.

Wealth Creation Video

I was looking for some resources about wealth creation and I stumbled upon this video in YouTube. It is a very simple video that connects to a blog about wealth creation. I followed the link and I found a lot of information about how to start my wealth creation quest.

Below is the video:

Cool wealth creation stuff....

Wealth Creation Quest

The year 2009 started with so much uncertainty. At that time, the economic crisis brought about by the financial meltdown as still raging. The year ended with indications that the economy is on the mend.

It was a slow recovery but that is already a good news and should spur us to take advantage of business opportunities. The wait and see stance many of us correctly took as the crisis deepened is at this stage, already counter productive.

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