Krista Ranillo Latest?

What's the latest about Filipino actress Krista Ranillo? She was in the news when she was romantically linked to boxing pound for pound king Manny Pacquiao. The controversy was so hot that Krista was even running from the press everytime she encounters them.

The latest intrigue about them was when Krista went to the US to manage her restaurant business there. But many showbiz insiders say that it was Manny who gave her the capital for her investment in the US but her camp denied it.

Then she faced the press months later and said she has finally moved on from the controversy and she is in fact engaged to her childhood sweetheart and are already talking about their marriage. But still, many doubts Krista Ranillo's story and many still believe that they (Krista and Manny) are still seeing each other in the US. Any confirmation about this?

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